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LedsMaster is a LED lighting manufacturer and global supplier since 2005. Lighting is indispensable in our daily lives; however, the conventional lighting wastes a lot of energy in heat instead of light. Fortunately, the invention of LED has greatly reduced the energy consumption.

We promote the use of LED lighting in different areas to ease energy crisis. After the metal halide and halogen replacement to LED, we can save at least 75% energy. It is because our LED lights has high lighting efficiency of 130 lumens per watt. Hence, we can use less energy to produce the same brightness. We improve the quality of our LED constantly, so that the lights are more energy saving.

LED light is also a relatively more environmentally friendly lighting solution because it does not contain mercury and halogen. These toxic chemicals are harmful to our Earth after disposal.
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Sales Manager

Key responsibility includes

Answer and promote our lighting solutions to customers
Develop and extend the global client network
Other relevant duties as assigned by supervisors


Intern (Marketing)

Key responsibility includes

Content marketing – preparing material to promote our products
PR marketing – email & telephone outreach
Manage the social media accounts
Plan and execute marketing plan
Other relevant work