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Best LED Lighting Manufacturer

Best LED Lighting Manufacturer

We have three types of LED lighting, namely commercial, industrial and sports lighting.

1. Commercial Lighting
Our commercial grade LED lighting is applied to parking lot, airport, warehouse, highway and so on. We adopt the quality LED chips and driver which extend the life span of the LED to 85000 hours, which is 10 times higher than the halogen bulbs. By using our LED lights, you can save a lot of maintenance cost.

2. Industrial Lighting
Our explosion-proof and heat-resistant can be applied to foundry, chemical plant and food processing factory. Our LED lights are so durable that can resist up to 100 degree Celsius.

3. LED Sports Lighting
Our LED lights are made of top-class LED chips and material that is anti-glare and flicker-free. They support up to 5000 Hz high-speed camera, and thus it will illuminate the areas well in all kinds of sports matches.

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