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Imagine a world where your ability to teach and educate someone isn't ruled by a bell schedule or driving down the same old boring road everyday to a single location. Where you can add your own creative flair to an innovative and engaging curriculum, without being bogged down by tedious lesson plans or one classroom setting. Where you have access to an abundance of professional development opportunities, career growth, progression and plenty of mentor support. An Instructor position with Le Blanc Consulting lets you follow your passion to make a difference with a client, in your community and in your career.Join LeBlanc Consulting staff who are transforming education worldwide one client at a time. Our team develops, delivers and supports hands on and one to one instruction to clients all over the bay area. Now's your chance to truly make a difference!
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Independent Living Skills/ Parenting Instructor

Job Duties include the following:

Instruct and Assist the consumer(s) in: personal care, such as grooming, feeding, meal preparation, and other personal care services outlined in the Consumer orientation Checklist training.
Support and guide the consumer in the choices they make regarding mobil...