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Learn anything through practice

Learn anything through practice

Albert accelerates learning outcomes through interactive practice. We believe that the best way to master anything is to "learn by doing". We have published over 63,000 practice items spanning 200+ subjects. Our curriculum offerings in K-12 cover the following areas: * AP (31 subjects) * SAT * ACT * Common Core ELA * Common Core Math * NGSS The pillars of Albert’s value for educators are: 1. Time savings. Students can view explanations as they practice, so in-class time that would have otherwise been spent reviewing homework questions can now be spent on personalized instruction. 2. Better content. It is difficult and time-consuming to write rigorous and standards-aligned practice items. Albert provides and constantly updates content to align to the latest standards. 3. Powerful platform tools. Albert makes it easy to assign content to students in many ways and provides teachers with high-level and detailed ways to understand student performance and growth.

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Wiliam Yang

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CMO @Albert • Founder of College Creed • Northwestern '14 - Economics

Luke Liu

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CEO of Albert (www.albert.io). Bringing personalized learning to students everywhere.