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What is Leapsome?

Employees at Eventim, Mercedes Benz, FlixBus, SolarisBank and many other companies use Leapsome to build a culture of feedback and continuous learning. We offer a suite of different tools, ranging from manager check-ins to goal setting/OKRs, real-time feedback, 360° performance reviews, engagement surveys and personalized learning. Our SaaS platform integrates with Gmail, Slack and many HRIS platforms like Personio, BambooHR and Microsoft Active Directory.

Why should you care?

Together with our customers, we’re shaping the future of work. A future where companies embrace a culture of open feedback that facilitates rapid learning. Not only are we helping to build workplaces where millennials thrive - we also support established companies in becoming “more agile” and master the challenges of digitization.

This is your chance to jump on a rocket ship: We’re still small but are growing very rapidly. Having profitably and very healthily bootstrapped until now, we’re in the process of preparing a funding round to further accelerate our growth. All team members own a significant share in the company. We’re still small, so you’ll have a strong impact and will shape this company.