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We are driven by the purpose to make work fulfilling for everyone. Together with our customers, we’re shaping the future of work. At Leapsome, we want work to be the best it can be for everyone - and create environments where people can achieve common goals, learn and grow together, and build authentic relationships. We aim to dominate this category of employee enablement on a global scale within five years.

Our values are:

Listen and learn
We thoroughly and genuinely seek understanding. It helps us to constantly grow together and learn from each other as well as from our customers and partners.

Challenge the status quo
We regularly challenge ourselves. We don’t walk the beaten path just because everyone else does. Instead, we reflect, challenge and seek out better ways.

Be honest & transparent
We’re honest and transparent with each other and ourselves. We want to get to the core of it, always. We trust each other to handle all shared information with care.

Seek impact
What has brought us together is the desire to make work fulfilling for everyone. We’re like-minded in that we seek out and hold ourselves accountable to the impact we want to have in this world.

Take ownership & pursue excellence
We’re a group of smart and dedicated people. Therefore, we trust each other to truly own our work. We’re not afraid of high expectations as we strive for excellence.

Be kind & humble
We are more than just colleagues - we genuinely care for each other. We give each other the appreciation we deserve and the support we need. We have no interest in serving our own ego.

Perks and benefits

Esop package

Participate in Leapsome's success!

Urban sports club membership

Benefit from a free gym/sports membership for over 8,000 locations in Berlin and other European cities!

Development budget

Take learning and development to the next level with an annual development budget!