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Deep Learning and FPGA solution

Deep Learning and FPGA solution

Computer from is invention, there was a long-standing problem that it can not acquire the machine itself knowledge representation from the real world until now
And with the advent of computers, it occurs information revolution that took place in the end of the 20th century, but is now possible to global information sharing, but did not get to help stay in the range to be primarily flow through the linguistic knowledge that man-made
Recently In order to solve saying problems, by stacking the neural circuitry of the brain to a deep deep neural network model that mimics, deep learning techniques that can learn abstract concepts in the human brain so that successful directly below
This makes us the human race is to acquire knowledge from real-world information, can now autonomously realization of a machine capable of performing a new creation
We created a algorithm to be its foothold, by and dropped it to a practical level, we aim to create a better world
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