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Revenue Close Automation



Senior technical recruiter with experience working in a variety of sectors

Aynsley Moffitt

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UCLA Bachelors, M.S. Accountancy-Info Systems, Product Manager, Big 4 Advisory, Pro-Bono Entrepreneurship coaching, managed the finances of a $5 Million co.
IIT Indore, Software Engineer, Interested in building cool things using machine learning

Clare Toy

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Marketing and Business Development @ Leapfin

Sally Li

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Marketing @Leapfin
Full stack engineer specializing in front-end architecture More interested than I should be in build tools/build optimization

Board members and advisors

Raymond Lau

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Founder @Leapfin, @PlayHaven • Worked at @Zynga • Studied at @Cornell University

Erik Yao

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Founder @Leapfin • Founder @PlayHaven • Worked at @The Playforge • Studied at @Cornell University

David Ko

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President, COO of Rally Health. Former COO of Zynga and SVP of Yahoo!
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Logan Glickfield

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Kevin Ko

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