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Our Story and Values: Leapfin is founded in 2015 by experienced entrepreneurs, Ray and Erik. We have been through the company building process multiple times. We know ideas may change, companies may pivot, but what makes the ride so special is the people you share it with. Hence, we look for individuals who share the same core values as us. Our Values: 1. Obsess with our customers’ success We vigorously work to earn our customer’s trust. We pay attention to our competitors, but we obsess over our customers. 2. Ownership mindset We think long term and don’t sacrifice long term value for short term results. We act on behalf of the entire company, beyond our own teams and beyond ourselves. 3. Succeed together We understand our actions impact the rest of the team. While we don’t always necessarily agree, we always respect each other’s point of views. 4. Refuse to be complacent We are never done learning and always seeking to improve ourselves. We are curious and actively learning to make ourselves better. 5. Insist on the highest standards We continuously challenge ourselves and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We deliver the best products and services with the resources we have. 6. Bias for action Speed matters. Decisions to act are better than indecisions. We don’t wait around and value calculated risk taking. Sometimes we do make mistakes, but we learn from them and never make the same mistakes twice.