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Reach into virtual reality with your bare hands



Michael Buckwald

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CEO and Founder of Leap Motion. Board member, global start-up investor and advisor.
CTO; Formerly Applied Math PhD; NASA Langley & Max Planck Institute


Katie Mayer

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Nadia Ali

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Anna Davis

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Worked at Leap Motion, Bank of America. Experience with Operations, Inventory Management, Call Center, Customer Relationship Management

Alexander Colgan

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Founder at Farflung Studio, former head of marketing and developer relations at Leap Motion

Evan Kriminger

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Machine learning engineer at Leap Motion doing real-time hand tracking. PhD from University of Florida with dissertation work on active learning.

Zohar Ram

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IT/DevOPS Manager at Leap Motion

Rebecca Lee

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Dynamic leader who excels in project mgmt & effectively coordinates the efforts of many to achieve biz objectives. Worked at Bridgewater Associates, ABC News.

Barry Ju

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Raimo Tuisku

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Hyoung Ham

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Senior Software Engineer at Leap Motion

Jim Newman

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Firmware Engineer at Leap Motion

Ahmad Abbas

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Shaun Woo

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Collin Carey

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Board members and advisors

Senior digital exec, entrepreneur, advisor, mentor. Over 15 years of industry experience; Strong business and strategy acumen - all about growing revenue.
Founder: @Avid Technology Inc., Founder: Wildfire Communications, Investor and Mentor at @Techstars Boston

Former team

Caleb Kruse

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Matthew Bright

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Keiichi Matsuda

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Tom Kaweski

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