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Community based peer-to-peer payment platform targeting fantasy sports players.

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Our application offers a unique combination of advantages that is unmatched by our competitors. We differentiate ourselves by offering an engaging and interactive fantasy experience along with the ability to easily, quickly, and securely exchange funds between users. We offer the storing of league dues in a designated league bank providing full transparency to all owners in the league. Our owners can use our solution to integrate with their favorite fantasy sports league sites to conveniently manage multiple leagues on our easy to use platform. Our direct messaging and message board features encourage interaction between users and continuous engagement with our application. We will include timely and relevant sports related content which can be tailored by the user. Additionally, we will offer the ability for users to take advantage of discounts and special offerings made exclusively to Leagueswype owners through our corporate partnerships. Never before has so much convenience and functionality been offered on one platform to our growing target market of fantasy sports league players.
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Technical Founder - Fantasy Sports App


Crowdfunding Campaign Manager

Software Engineer

PHP Coder - Intern