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Jobs at LeagueApps

LeagueApps is a digital sports media and technology company that powers local recreational sports. Our mission at LeagueApps is to make sports easier and more enjoyable to play. We're the fastest growing platform in the industry, and we're just getting warmed up.

The right candidate will receive a very competitive salary, full benefits, and equity. But here’s what should also appeal to you:

-- Teammates. You’ll be working alongside incredibly talented, innovative and passionate people that you’ll not only respect, but really like.

-- Student of the Game. You’ll be working in a learning environment, where we invest in your development—think regular speakers, subsidized classes and conferences, and other knowledge sharing

-- Encourage Your Passion for Sports. You don’t need to sneak a peak at the scores during March Madness or the World Cup. We’re always streaming sports events for all to see or making field trips to the sports bar

-- Sports Subsidy. You get to play in local sports leagues for free—we pay for your entrance fees

-- Raise Your Game. You like ambitious challenges, like the opportunity to create products to change the way people experience and enjoy playing sports.

-- Difference Maker. You will make a difference, because you will be working for a company that appreciates the real impact we have on our customers’ lives, and supports the critical role that sports plays in local communities. You can join our charitable initiatives that make this impact tangible.