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Wholesale management platform for the cannabis industry



Mark Sost

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An experienced technologist and director, passionate about building, growing, mentoring, and managing teams of highly intelligent and efficient developers.

Payal Vitha

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Rebecca Koeppen

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Worked at LeafLink

Rebecca Koeppen

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Worked at LeafLink

Yoojin Park

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Diverse background in sales, customer success, and project management. I'm passionate about positively contributing to a company's goals and overall vibes!

Hostos Monegro

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Director of Product, LeafLink

Doug Gordon

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William Scholl

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Product Manager with an extensive background in user-facing roles and data/info gathering. Passionate about delightful and straightforward software solutions.

Anuj Kochhar

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Worked at LeafLink and KPMG Global Services
Growth Manager and first hire at LeafLink, Fast Company's 10 Most Innovative in Enterprise 2018.

Board members and advisors

Ian Loizeaux

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Founding Partner at Nosara Capital
Partner at Casa Verde Capital. Founded start-ups in the internet/media space in the US and India. Active private investor.

Former team

Evan T Stafford

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David Lindstedt

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Gillian Craig

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Samantha Bunn

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Sarah Mardiney

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Trevor Hock

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