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What makes this job meaningful?

This probably isn’t the first job description you’ve read today. Maybe this is one of over 100 you reviewed this week. So, before we go any further, we want to stop and say thank you for considering this role. The rest of this post will be our pitch to you. We know you have options and we’d like you to consider adding us to that list.

The world is full of strained relationships. Perhaps no place is greater evidence of this than the workplace. The cliche of conflict between manager and employee is age-old and we’re tired of it. We’re so tired of it, that we’re out to change it.

Leadr is a new kind of people management software, and while that may sound like business jargon, I promise you that this is not your typical B2B software company. At our core, we are helping organizations develop their people by turning managers into coaches and giving employees a voice. We believe today’s employees expect more than just a title and a salary – they seek opportunities to learn, grow, be challenged, and be valued for the ideas they bring to the table. Unfortunately, most organizations lack the tools and structure needed to create a culture to support these expectations across every team and every manager. If this mission matters to you, keep reading.

Our HR/People team at Leadr gets to double by you joining! We get the privilege of making sure everything expressed in the last paragraph gets done internally.


Why this role matters:

  • You’ll be doubling the HR/People team by taking this role. This right away tells you the impact you will have on helping us achieve our mission. We’ve just launched our software and we’re ready to scale, this means building systems and processes for our recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, learning, and development efforts. You will be crucial in coordinating these efforts, plus owning some of them (the more the better).
  • You’ve always been interested in HR/People and need a new challenge. At this stage in your career you want to be asked to solve problems and be valued for your ideas, rather than be “told what to do”.
  • Leadr is an early stage startup and with that comes amazing growth opportunities. Maybe you’re looking for an organization that will value you long term, not just fill a seat for a season. That’s us. You are going to stretch so much you’ll wish you were made out of nylon.
  • Leadr is doing something radical and exciting. You noticed that when you checked out our website.
  • Leadr is a solid financial position and we are expanding rapidly.

Who you’ll be working with:

The team structure currently consists of one full-time employee, our Director of People April Pollock. We also partner with outside recruiters from time to time. April’s desire is to truly resource the team. We are not the stereotypical HR/People department that always says no, takes forever to respond/help, or is simply put: boring and there for legal reasons only.

What’s the team culture like?

It’s said that team culture is a better indicator of job satisfaction than organizational culture, so what is the HR team like? We work very closely with our Executive Leadership Team keeping them updated on team culture, insights, recommendations, etc. We are in the stage of defaulting to action as setting up an HR department simply takes a lot of work. We will spend the rest of our days refining our process, but for now, we simply need to stand it up.

Your first 90 days will most likely include these projects:

  • Learning our recruiting and hiring process. Refining as needed.
  • Train and be comfortable with our Interview process. Interview as needed.
  • Assist with documenting various onboarding processes to hold Hiring Managers accountable.
  • Training on our Payroll System and beginning to shadow/execute on our Bi-Monthly Payroll.
  • Understanding our benefits package and assisting staff with any questions regarding health insurance, PTO, etc.
  • Quality checking our HR/People documents to date for all staff and filling any gaps as needed (latest offer letters signed and uploaded, handbook signed, background checks, etc)
  • Rolling out our internal Performance Review process, documenting, asking for feedback, refining as needed.
  • Support, listen, coach, and encourage team members as needed.
  • Coordinate between departments to make sure they have the HR/People resources they need.
  • Assist with team meeting agendas, taking notes, circulating information, etc.
  • Learn our Applicant Tracking System (Workable) and keep up to date at all times.
  • Check Candidate’s References, conduct Phone Screens, complete Background Checks.
  • Ensure our Job Descriptions are Gender Neutral, compelling, and up to date.
  • Assist with rolling out our Organization’s Core Values across our HR/People department.
  • ...and much more.

The perfect candidate for this role:

  • Multi-faceted project planning. Working with multiple stakeholders to bring all the pieces together for one big, impactful outcome.
  • Energetic, self-starter, full of ideas, and ready to take action versus being told what to do.
  • Interest in learning how HR/People connects with every part of the business and determination to add value to our organization with each interaction.
  • Take ownership of executing ideas, share opinions/recommendations confidently, and willing to learn and grow to fill gaps.
  • An appreciation for great communication and the ability to be a great communicator. Clear, meaningful, as simple as possible, empathic, thoughtful, etc.
  • Exposure to and interest in the topics of leadership development and great management. It always helps to have a passion for the product we are building, selling, and using.
  • Has a passion for our mission (developing people), and can’t wait to have a positive impact on our team and our customers


Our head office is in Plano, Texas and we are looking for this role to be onsite as COVID-19 allows.


We are pleased to offer valuable market-rate salary, bonuses, and benefits. We offer PTO, Paid Holidays, Flex Holidays, etc. We are committed to developing you as a leader and providing career growth throughout your employment with us. We promise to care for you as a person, and have meaningful conversations with you so you have the clarity and support you need to do your best work!

What can you expect for your interview process?

While not all candidates will complete the entire process, here’s what it looks like from start to finish. We’ll keep communication open the entire way so you always know where you stand.

  • Complete the Kick-Off Interview Form, which is part of the Application Process. We take your answers very seriously and will reference them throughout the interview process.

    • We promise we won’t make you retype your resume into another form, we value your time.
  • A 30-minute Phone Screen either by video call or in-person.

    • We’ll use this time to make sure you possess the minimum skills we think are required to accomplish the key objectives.
  • A 30-45 minute Culture Interview either by video call or in-person.

    • We’ll use this time to simply get to know you as a person! We will send some of our Culture Attributes to you ahead of time so you can share some examples demonstrating your understanding and application of them.
  • A 45 minute Coffee Connect with our Director of People, April Pollock. This can be done either by video call or in-person.

    • We’ll dig into how you would go about accomplishing the objectives we shared for the role and your past experience doing similar work.
  • And finally, the Offer letter is sent. Welcome to the team!

    • We will be checking references and doing a background check during this time as well.

About Leadr

While the problem we’re tackling at Leadr is ambitious, we have reason to be optimistic:

  • Our early team is loaded with talented and experienced people who share a passion for the mission
  • The executive team has done this before, founding and leading a startup in the payments space to hypergrowth and a successful exit in less than 10 years.
  • Because of our strong track record for success, we’re well funded with plenty of financial runway
  • Leadr is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer. Thank you for considering Leadr as the place to share your strengths and talents.
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Leadr focuses on SaaS and Human Resources. Their company has offices in Dallas, Bengaluru, and Issaquah. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.leadr.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.