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We are a fully remote company and we offer full flexibility on where you wish to work from. Choose your favourite cafe, at home with your family or whilst sipping a coconut on the beach. Though we are distributed across multiple continents, we prioritize communication so that everybody feels as though they are part of a physical team - even if it is just a virtual one! We are consciously aware of the challenges of operating a remote business and we take measures at every step to overcome these. We believe the pros outweigh the cons and are striving to build a positive workplace culture in a virtual world.
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Client Growth Manager

Posted 4 months ago
  • Act as point of contact and Account Manager for your client portfolio and handle all onboarding, strategy sessions, reporting and renewal / upsell opportunities.
  • Execute and manage all outbound sales sequences on behalf of your client portfolio. The primary element of these campaigns is hyper-personalization to each contact so you will spend approx. 50% of your time writing unique messages to each prospect in the campaigns based on public information you can find about them online.