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More than a Smoke & Vape Shop- We Are Counterculture!

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Who doesn't want to be a part of the Green Rush. We are Startup counterculture. Help build a brand. With so much potential and infrastructure already in place all we need is a team to help us monetize it.
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Chief Technology Officer

CTO- responsible for all projects pertaining to Lazydaze Counterculture's technological needs including but limited e-commerce, SEO , SEM, marketing, POS, team lead, project management, cross function with CFO, CEO and other executive positions


Marketing and Brand Development

Research and Analyze marketing opportunites. Implement creative marketing campaigns.


Chief Financial Officer


Project Manager

Create plans and Strategies. Implement and Execute Violently.


Franchise Sales

We are looking for self-motivated individuals good at building relationships in a short amount of time. Appointment setting is not about a product or service, it is about relationships and over coming objections… This will be a contract position requiring you to preform; we are open to pay base, ...