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We use AI to catch cancer early.

Software Development Intern

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Internship Description

Lazarus seeks a term-time intern with experience in software design, programming, and React.js. The intern will gain exciting real-world software engineering experience at a thriving company.

We frequently work in small teams to solve problems, explore new technologies, and learn from one another. The ideal intern for this environment will be enthusiastic and collaborative.

Company Description

Lazarus is a Techstars and Venture-backed startup that uses patient health data and deep learning to catch cancer cases early.


Document and test new software applications
Assess new application ideas
Research competitor offerings
Develop applications (coding, programming)
Interview beta testers


Computer Science/Network Engineering, Engineering, or related major
Excellent analytical and mathematics skills
Ability to work in teams
Experience programming in React and/or Python


Experience with Tensorflow, Pytorch, or any other DL framework.
Experience with Scikit Learn, H2O.ai, or any other ML framework.


Practical experience with a wide variety of software engineering tasks
Collaborating hand-in-hand with skilled teams of software engineers
Shadowing, mentoring, and training opportunities with skilled engineers
You will learn the newest deep and machine learning techniques
Opportunity to participate in networking events and company meetings
Flexible schedule for students