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Fixing the legal matchmaking industry

Fixing the legal matchmaking industry

LawyerMatch introduces a faster, easier way to find a lawyer. Finding a lawyer should be simple, and the current services in this field are complicated, confusing, and slow. Whether you need a simple consultation or immediate assistance, LawyerMatch will connect you to an attorney that specializes in your needs, quickly and for free. We do the hard work, let the lawyers come to you. For lawyers, LawyerMatch offers a stream of qualified leads for new clients while filtering out any which do not match your specialties and interests. No more sifting through hundreds of spammy messages, no more wasted time. Lawyers will only pay for qualified leads from clients that choose to get in contact with them, and only after giving the clients permission to contact them as well. Lawyers should focus on their practice, LawyerMatch will provide the clients.

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