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Everyday legal questions, simply answered, alway free!

Everyday legal questions, simply answered, alway free!

LawDecoder strives to empower the public by educating them about their legal rights. Legal rights are complex, ever changing, and regionally different. This, compounded with hard to digest legal terminology, prevents people from acting on their problems.
LawDecoder is committed to giving people a free and accessible platform to educate themselves about the laws and their rights. We decoder the law using language processing technology to help users articulate their problem in context and then produce “plain English” translations of the statutes relevant to their problem.
LawDecoder also serves as a matching network for users and attorneys. Law Decoder sells advertising space to a select group of pre-vetted attorneys with expertise in the topics covered on the platform. The attorneys can thus effectively run highly targeted ads to individuals who all need a service they provide, and individuals can easily find an attorney who they can trust to solve their problems. Check out Law Decoder

Ethan Tse

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CEO/Founder at LawDecoder. Background in Information Systems. Worked at Dreamit Ventures before starting own company. Advisor at Eaos, LLC.

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