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Danielle Klebanov

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People Person at Lattice - We're Hiring!

Caeli Slagle

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Recruiting Coordinator @Lattice

Charlie Liang

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Startup demand gen and marketing ops master.

Dini Mehta

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Currently run global sales @Lattice Love all things Sales, Sales management and StartUps! Previous roles include Drawbridge, Quantcast and others!

Ming Lu

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product @Lattice previously: growth + analytics @Intercom

Alex Kracov

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Lead the marketing team at Lattice

Jared Erondu

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Head of Design @Lattice, founder @Playbook, ambassador @Greylock Partners. Previously led teams @Teespring @Omada Health @Treehouse.

Former team

Lester Lee

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Wes Peltzman

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