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Co-founder @Later

Roger Patterson

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Founder of @Later, @Launch Academy, and MapDash. Founded 4 successful startups and have good sized exit. MBA from @Queen's University
Software Developer; Startup Hacker; Origin story through @UWaterloo, @Google, and @Growlabs


Jennifer Mendoza

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People & Operations Specialist

Newsha Towfigh

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Rachel McDermott

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Worked at Indeed, Pure M Magazine & VideoElephant. Experience with Copywriting, Client Support, Sales etc.

Taylor Loren

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Director of Content Marketing / First Marketing Hire at @Later. Brand builder with 10 years of experience in B2B SaaS.

Lexie Carbone

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Content writer at @Later . I've helped dozens of brands build their social presence and take their content strategy to the next level.

Billy So

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Shoes Collector • Toys Collector • UX Designer

Chinhwee Tan

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Designer @Later Quick fingers with Adobe Suite and obsessive tea drinker.

Dawson Beggs

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Interface design @Later

Izzie Egan

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Worked at Blankslate Partners, Later

Justine Herman

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iOS & Web Developer with skills and competencies in digital design, software development, and cross-functional solution-oriented teamwork.

Lizzie MacNeill

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PR and Partnerships Lead at later.com. Instructor at Mount Royal University. Formerly Manager, Social Media @HockeyCanada & @SajeWellness.

Zac Holden

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Software Developer at Later

Monica Alcerreca

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Former team

Jérôme Gangneux

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Stephanie Trembath

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