this syndicate invests in later stage (non-angel deals)
As a result check sizes can be larger and we (like VC's) will typically invest 2-5% of the deal amount vs the typical VC 1-2%
VC @ Growth Technology Partners. Investor @23andMe @Compass Therapeutics, @DraftKings @Palantir Technologies @Wish @Go-X. @Dartmouth College @MIT

Karl Jacob

Avatar for Karl Jacob
Early advisor @Facebook CEO/Founder @Hangtime @Coveroo @Ingenio @Wallop & DimensionX @Cloudmark/CEO $600m+ in exits msft, at&t etc Negotiated 23 term sheets
Facebook Platform developer relations. Google biz dev. Advisor/Angel to great entrepreneurs.
Co-founder Breezeworks • Worked at @Intel, @Bridgescale
CEO of @Dynamic Signal. Founder/Executive at 4 companies: 2 IPO's, 2 Exits.

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