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The most fundamental and obvious yet the hardest problem to solve today w.r.t crypto-currency is that of adoption. We at lastbit are a young highly skilled team engineering a complex solution presented in the simplest possible manner, to solve exactly this problem.
By working with lastbit you will -
- Work with a highly skilled and motivated team
- Be a part of the nascent crypto-currency industry
- Have an equal say in the direction of the company and not a desk job
- Potentially own a part of lastbit
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Software Engineer

Senior JavaScript & React-Native Developer

Posted 2 months ago

Lastbit is hiring a senior, experience JS & React-Native Developer to lead the development of our hybrid mobile application. The role would be full-time and on-site at our Bangalore office, with a range of salaries as depicted. At the very least, we expect you to have - - Very strong JS...