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The most fundamental and obvious yet the hardest problem to solve today w.r.t crypto-currency is that of adoption. We at lastbit are a young highly skilled team engineering a complex solution presented in the simplest possible manner, to solve exactly this problem.
By working with lastbit you will -
- Work with a highly skilled and motivated team
- Be a part of the nascent crypto-currency industry
- Have an equal say in the direction of the company and not a desk job
- Potentially own a part of lastbit
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Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) / Compliance Officer

Posted 3 weeks ago

Lastbit is looking to hire a full-time complicance officer to ensure that the company is conducting its business in full compliance with its defined KYC and AML policies and is adhering to all the applicable laws and regulations, as well as professional standards, accepted business practices, and...

Software Engineer

Senior JavaScript & React-Native Developer

Posted 3 months ago

Lastbit is hiring a senior, experience JS & React-Native Developer to lead the development of our hybrid mobile application. The role would be full-time and on-site at our Bangalore office, with a range of salaries as depicted. At the very least, we expect you to have - - Very strong JS...