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Transforming healthcare through artificial intelligence



founder Lark. Previous Snapchat.

Jeff Zira

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VP Product at Lark Technologies


Product launch and go-to market planning pro, plus vast experience being a marketing team of one with ability to lead all marketing functions.
Very Sr & Hands on DevOps leader, I love leading and building. My communication, planning and organization skills are as good as my tech.
Manager and Data Architect for Analytics, Data Warehouses and Data Systems. Work with business and technology teams to create Decision Systems.
Prior work in healthcare and crypto. Passionate about technical recruiting, but able to fill any roles which are business-sensitive. :)

Eric Kho

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Entrepreneurial tech leader with extensive experience helping enterprise organizations bring Digital and A.I. solutions to market.

Jay Choe

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Passionate, process driven individual seeking a role where I will be able to gain valuable learning opportunities to further enhance his career.

Monty Zukowski

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Code transformation expert with ANTLR toolkit, experienced Java backend engineer

Kelsey Wong

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Experience with iOS development and performance engineering. Currently attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Marisa Kwiatkowski

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Aaron Rondina

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@Rice University BSChE 2015, Software Engineer @Lark Entrepreneur, ChemE, Software Engineer

Aaron Mondshine

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Passion for coding and entrepreneurship.

Jonathan Lerner

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I'm a versatile full-stack engineer who loves to learn new technologies. Greatest experience in: JS, Python, PHP
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Board members and advisors

Partner at Red Sea Ventures

Julia Hu

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Founder Lark

Vadim Axelrod

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Tech start-up guy spanning industries - health care, ed-tech, usability, security, networking, real estate. Technical Advisor / CTO.
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Former team

Octavia Maria Șulea

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Kachi Okoronkwo

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Heidi Heller

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Michael Nagle

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Jack Mulvaney

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Andreja Nad

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