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LangPrism is an innovative SaaS project that helps translate web sites to many languages in a matter of hours - and by humans rather than machines. This is possible due to cloud infrastructure that creates web mirrors where the original site can be viewed in other languages. We use computer-aided translation by professional native speaker translators to ensure top quality translation, alongside automation and quality control of all processes of the translation. LangPrism is also able to track changes on the original site and ensure that all web mirrors are kept up to date. This innovative translation solution means that any web site owner can: quickly get accurate, cost-effective, human translations; needn’t worry about maintaining his multilingual site over time; and save time in searching for the right translators for any project.

We are looking to scale up our business by launching in the United States (and possibly other countries) by directly contacting businesses and pitching our product. In addition, we want to focus on building brand awareness. Most importantly, we are looking to raise funding to be able to create enough of a budget to run these positions full time.

Successful candidate must have great sales/entrepreneurship experience, proven track record, be situated in markets with growth potential and large population.
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