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The full-stack mortgage lender



Gray Stern

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Founder & CEO, Dot Residential. Co-Founder & Non-Exec, Landbay.


Heather Whyte

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Backend Engineer @LANDBAY (We're hiring!) Fintech, Java, microservices, devOps, and all that other fun stuff.

Nikita Vorontsov

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Worked at LANDBAY

David Fidgett

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Thomas Badie

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Chris Burrell

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Technical Lead @LANDBAY, software engineer using cutting edge tech (μ-services, AWS, infra-as-code, Continuous Deployment pipelines, etc.)

Jays Shortt

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Head of Product Development at Landbay | Specialises in P2P, Web Apps, Payments & Financial Services | Loves spicy food, Kensal and @IzzyHonour. Views my own

Former team

Artur Rozwalak

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