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Cofounder & Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

No salary • 10.0% – 20.0%
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We’re seeking a third founder to join our team, and step into the role of Chief Technical Officer.

Initially the role entails work on building and leading the next milestones of our products. You will be an equity partner, and like the other founders, may receive no other compensation until we have raised funds.

Here’s our description of our ideal CTO and partner - we care more about who you are:

• An experienced computer science / engineering professional

• You understand systems design, you are a seasoned solutions developer and have an eye for quality and performance.

• You have an inquisitive nature, always asking questions and constantly learning.

• You get stuff done; you love to roll up your sleeves, put your headphones on and code.

• You are a leader who can attract engineering talent and manage a team and take pride in growing as a leader.

• You care about trust, accountability and ownership.

• Culture matters to you. It’s not about foosball or yoga or dogs, rather it’s the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of the people that make the difference.

Equity: 10%-20%

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