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Join an ecosystem of socially conscious entrepreneurs shaping the future of Africa

Join an ecosystem of socially conscious entrepreneurs shaping the future of Africa

LabEight* is thrilled to announce the launch of a new program in Nigeria and has opened its doors to founders and entrepreneurs across the continent in July 2020. At LabEight Africa, our vision is to build an ecosystem of socially conscious local entrepreneurs that deliver world class solutions over the next decade. LabEight* Africa expects to select companies for its first cohort in the summer of 2020, and will follow with a second cohort in the fall. The LabEight* Africa Program aims to support local entrepreneurs by providing the necessary operational and technical support as well as equipping them with the leadership and business skills needed to build socially conscious solutions while still delivering on its mandate of growing a world class local ecosystem. The program will offer a range of services: 1- Product development 2- Founders/co-founders matchmaking with experienced CTOs/CxOs 3- Business advisory 4- Personalised mentorship 5- Development and execution of growth strategies to enable customer acquisition, validation and market expansion. Apply now. Program details and more information available on our website: labeightafrica.com

Cofounder & Chief Technical Officer (CTO) - (Equity)

Cofounder & Tech Lead / CTO - (Equity)

Joy Jack

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I help organisations to implement investment strategies. A track record in various investment initiatives, product management &structuring credit solutions.
Founding Partner of Augusta Enterprises, Co-founder of CoLabJax, VP business development Greenview Data, Financial Consultant Conseco Finance
ex-Medical Doctor, Co-founder at MOBicure. Social Impact Driven. Entrepreneur #BoringFunnyGuy
A passionate tech-thusiast that's been consulting, innovating and developing solutions for over 15 years. Co-Founder/CEO of Kayan Health and MD of LabEight*.