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CTO / Co-Founder: Technical Focused

A little bit about the LAB Miami Ventures

LAB Miami Ventures is a Venture-Builder, creating disruptive new digital businesses based out of The LAB Miami. We ideate new tech businesses and then develop them from scratch in partnership with highly motivated entrepreneurs.

Our vision for the Lab ventures Studio is the following:
- Take a core team & entrepreneurs in residence;
- Add shared infrastructure & in-house funding;
- Generate ideas internally, or in some cases, act as a cofounder;
- Build multiple startups in parallel;
- Trash what doesn’t work, reassign team – so you keep all the expertise;
- Spin off what works into a dedicated company;
- Grow. Exit. Repeat.

What we offer to Co-Founders:

Access to Advisors: Team is a critical factor for a successful startup. We bring in advisors and mentors from our network of veteran entrepreneurs and industry experts.

In-House Development: Our in-house technology team will support you on a day-to-day basis, making sure you develop with highest quality and the lowest cost

Speed to Market: Our network of industry experts and connections to leading corporations can help you get that first pilot for proof-of-concept

Follow-on Funding: Once initial traction is achieved, we will guide you on your first fundraising adventure, with warm introductions to our own investors

What are we looking for?

For our co-founders, we’re not looking for ‘managers’ but for exceptionally skilled and ambitious entrepreneurs. The goal is for each of our startups to become fully independent. So co-founders need to picture themselves running a billion-dollar company in the long term.

Entry criteria

•Self-starter & Entrepreneurial Spirit – Desire to want to build, grow, and own the outcomes of a business’s success. Someone with a continuous improvement mindset capable of driving for results often with limited or incomplete information. Fast learner who takes initiative to learn quickly, is proactive and goal-oriented, and runs with what information is available vs. waiting to be told what to do next.

•Technical Vision: Works to develop a technical strategy for the company. This involves goal setting, discussing options, and analyzing risks. Ensures that the technical strategy aligns with the organizations overall business objectives, requiring a need for both technical skill and good business sense to successfully fulfill this responsibility.

•Start-up Awareness & Leadership – Possess both technical leadership and operational management skills required to lead the organization from idealization to early start up, product market fit, and growth. Understands that the role of a CTO in the early stage startup will be very hands-on. You should define yourself as a skilled developer with strong expertise in programming, software architecture design, database design, testing, and cloud-based infrastructure configuration, ect

•Engineering Team Leadership – Develops, mentors, and inspires others with a shared vision of success. Candidates who have embraced using data and feedback to improve results, obtain feedback, and measure the impact of processes changes with metrics and results. Aids in recruitment and retention efforts, streamlines production operations, and advocates for innovative ideas, high production, and individuals on the team.

•Culture Alignment – Candidates should have a passion for changing how things are going to be done in the future; describes themselves as a “trailblazer”, “disrupter”, or wants to do things differently.