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Balu Jampani

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Krish M

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Yuqing Niu

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Worked at L3 Applied Technologies as Engineer, Responsibilities include structural analysis, Modeling and Testing.

Brian Pyper

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Neeraj Unni

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Worked at Conduent India, Test Strategy. Experience with Apache Web Server, Apache Maven, Acceptance testing. Went to M.G University, Calicut University

Jordan Moririson

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Went to Texas A&M University, Commerce, Graduated Dec.2018. Well experienced in Public Relations, Marketing and social media marketing.

Satchytan Karalasingham

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anik duttaroy

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Electro-optics engineer

KC Rose

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Worked at L3 Communications

Jay Walston

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MSEE with experience in a wide range of technologies

Anna Hew

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I have an engineering background as a foundation. Currently my focus is more in management with high level problem solving and attention to detail.

Javier Alejandro Jurado Alvarez

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Industrial Engineering with +10 in Aerospace industry from operations, project management, sales and general management in different comodities.

Dan Nguyen

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Founder DK MOBILITY, HOMEBER • Worked at @Honeywell, @L3 Communications

Joe Quirk

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Level 2 mechanical engineer. Specialize in design and analysis.
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Former team

Parth Kanani

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Jeff Guy

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Josua Purba

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Matthew Vroom

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Devin Garcia

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Elisa Adcock

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