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An alternative travel inventory aggregator

An alternative travel inventory aggregator

Travel distribution is currently dominated by three large players (Amadeus, Sabre & Travelport). These are the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) who own 99% of the industry. They act as large gatekeepers to flight and hotel travel inventory and charge large upfront fees preventing new travel businesses to arise.

Airlines are trying to move away from GDSs due to high distribution costs and the lack of a direct connection where they struggle to maximise their revenue from ancillaries (additional services charged at an additional fee). With the GDS most of the customer personal data remain in the hands of middlemen and it is hard for airlines to personalise their content and provide a great shopping experience.

Kyte uses a REST API to integrate directly with airlines to provide rich content (flight and ancillaries) to travel companies of all sizes allowing them to offer the full suite of products that airlines sell on their website today.

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