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Harvest Mobile Wallet • Macro-economic Analytics • Blockchain Validator Staking Rewards

Harvest Mobile Wallet • Macro-economic Analytics • Blockchain Validator Staking Rewards

Kysen Technologies is a San Francisco Bay Area tech startup with a full stack solutions in the blockchain space with Harvest Wallet mobile app, a self-custody Open Finance crypto Lending and Token Swap app, backed by KysenPool's Staking-as-a-Service provider in PoS networks, followed by The Outpost, a macroeconomic analytics engine.

KysenPool is an active Proof-of-Stake Validator for blockchain networks such as Cosmos ($ATOMs) and Terra ($LUNA) with over $1 million worth of cryptocurrencies delegated to those Validators, as well as running Harmony ($ONE), Stellar ($XLM) and Ripple ($XRP) nodes to help secure those networks.

On top of being a meaningful Validator service, we have recently launched a macro-economics blockchain analytics service that we call The Outpost (see cosmosoutpost.io), revealing highly interesting time-series analytics by walking the chain to extract meaningful economic data from the immutable blockchain transaction history.

We have Decentralized Applications (DApps) called Harvest Wallet (harvestwallet.io) that emphasizes on the Open Finance sector in the Lending and Token Swap space in Decentralized Finance (De-Fi).

Twitter: twitter.com/kysenpool
Medium: medium.com/kysenpool

Kysen Technologies: kysenpool.io

Validator: kysenpool.io/en/networks
The Outpost: cosmosoutpost.io
Harvest Wallet: harvestwallet.io

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