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Frontend Engineering Lead (MetaMask)

$132k – $132k • No equity
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Frontend Engineer Lead (MetaMask) | 132k USD | Remote (Canada only)

## Introduction

Hi! Thanks for your interest in joining the Kyokan-MetaMask team. We lead extension engineering for MetaMask: the leading platform for empowering users and builders via the decentralized web and ethereum blockchain. The power of the MetaMask extension reaches beyond blockchains, with potential to be a cross browser enabler of communication between web-apps, localized crytpographic storage and signing for apps, extensibility via secure running of third party javascript and sharing of functionality between apps.

We therefore pursue this project with the hope and convinction that it will:
- unlock opportunities for millions to have more control and creativity with respect to how they raise, share, transfer, coordinate and distribute wealth
- empower more users and developers to make the web a space and tool that is defined by collaboration, consent, privacy, security, synergy and freedom

We are looking to hire our next teammate, someone who will share our passion for bringing these possibilites to life as the leading front-end engineer on our team.

## For the role of Frontend Engineering Lead, we are looking for someone who will:

- provide technical leadership to [MetaMask's free and open source software](github.com/MetaMask/metamask-extension)
- lead development of front end features, architectural improvements, front end testing strategies and multi-faceted refactors
- facilitate growth of open source community contributions to MetaMask
- take initiative to improve front end development velocity for themself and their colleagues
- strategize, plan and build tooling and automate tasks to improve contributor experience and productivity
- analyze, plan and implement technical and team process solutions for minimizing bug frequency
- help the developer community utilize MetaMask to the fullest by building and packaging useful tools and components
- spearhead accessibility improvements throughout the extension
- lead efforts to improve codebase readability, mainability and flexibility

- proactively contribute to team discussions about UX design, technical issues, sprint and roadmap planning and improving team processes
- be proficient and thoughtful with asynchronous and synchronous communication, giving and receiving feedback, working independently and with a team
- support their teammates performance and growth
- be successful working within a fully remote environment
- bring respect, patience and empathy to every interaction and relationship with coworkers and the community
- bring hustle, enthusiasm and heart to their work

## Successful candidates for the role of Frontend Engineering Lead will have:

- deep and diverse frontend engineering experience
- experience leading teams to ship and maintain production code for a large user base
- expertise in javascript, node.js, frontend build tools, browser apis and quirks, and one or more frontend frameworks (React, Vue, Angular, etc.)
- ability to plan technical work for self and others, quickly iterate and ship, take ownership of feature development from start to finish and support peers who are doing the same
- a vibrant history of contributing to open source software

## Perks and policies

- this position is remote and open to people based in Canada, with a preference for someone in Eastern, Atlantic or NL time zones
- flexible hours
- unlimited paid-time off
- we like to meet up in person a few times a year
- we are a self-governing team that makes budgeting, strategy and structure/process decisions collectively
- we have a [Code of Conduct](github.com/kyokan/metamask-team-handbook/blob/master/CodeOfConduct.md) that we take seriously

These outcomes would be pursued through both technical solutions and improvements to engineering processes.

## How to apply:

Please send an e-mail to hiring@kyokan.io that includes the following:

- Frontend Engineering Lead (Kyokan-MetaMask) in the subject line
- A resume
- Two or three samples of code you have written. Links and/or attachments are acceptable. Can be open source work or work you've done for a private project
- Answers to (only!) three of the following questions. Answers should be between 100 and 1000 characters.
- Why do you want to work on/with/for MetaMask?
- Why are you a software engineer?
- What are some behaviours, values, practices, characteristics or qualities of the engineering teams you most want to be part of and work with?
- What 3 questions, if answered, would most help you decide if this is the right role/team for you?
- Why does the internet matter?
- Why does software matter?

Don't worry too much about grammar or spelling. Do worry about following the above instructions.

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