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Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk games

Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk games

Kybernesis develops games set in an original post-apocalyptic cyberpunk setting. The current focus is on a smaller mobile game called Wasteland Bar Fight!, but our ultimate goal is to develop what we think will be our defining game, Corp Wars. Corp Wars aims to take the potential of social networking, clouds and gaming to the next level. The games we make will be set in the the same Corp Wars setting. While each game will be a stand alone game by itself, it will be connected to the Corp Wars portfolio. Where we plan to take cross platform to the next level, by making things you do in one game have consequences in other games that are part of Corp Wars.

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Ronny Anderssen

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Founded @Kybernesis, @Ladejarlens Rustkammer. Worked at @Statoil ASA as a 3D Visualization developer, studied at @Trondheim And Sor Trondelag University College
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