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Richard Matsui

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CEO, Co-Founder of kWh Analytics. Helped found @McKinsey & Co solar practice in 2007. Mandarin speaker. Forbes "30 under 30" Energy


Heather Miki

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People Ops @kWh Analytics

Bonnie Soohoo

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Product @kWh Analytics. Loves data and industrial analytics products. Previously, product @Sight Machine & @Chevron. MechE @UC Berkeley. MBA @Oxford University.

Jono Xia

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Adam Shinn

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Jason Kaminsky

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Finance executive working in solar and fintech since 2009

Paul Young

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Katherine Elliott

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Software developer working in renewable energy.

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Founder @zipdragon ventures Senior Advisor @ENGIE Venture Partner @Rembrandt Venture Partners CEO @GetActive President @Convio. CEO @Cleantech Group. McKinsey
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