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Optimize pricing and sales objectives for CPG brands and Retailers

Optimize pricing and sales objectives for CPG brands and Retailers

Kuona Analytics is a web platform that helps consumer brands and grocery retailers clients define their optimal pricing, promotions, sales and inventory goals per item per store: to maximize profit or increase their market share. Our tool generates predictive models per item per store automatically based on historic data, price elasticities and external factors such as weather, exchange rates and demographics.

Kuona helps our clients on 3 different levels. The first level we call it Kuona Insights: Kuona automatically concentrates all of there daily sales data and brings up all the problems they have in terms of sales and pricing. The second level is using all of this information to predict revenue and optimize their prices and sales objectives per SKU per store. The third level is that we help them execute those decisions: via mobile dashboards for sales reps where they can see how much they have to sell from each item when they negotiate orders.
Co-founder of Kuona. Master in IT Management. B.S. in Computer Science & Technology. Software Development and Innovation
CEO Cofounder of Kuona. INSEAD MBA 2011. Strategy, Biz Dev, Analytics, Engineer. Studied/worked @ Mex, Brazil, US, France, Singapore & Chile

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