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Solar-Powered, Communications and IoT Hub

Solar-Powered, Communications and IoT Hub

COVID19 Recruitment Update: Please note that due unavoidable circumstances brought about by the COVID19 pandemic, we have temporarily halted hiring for all vacant positions. However, we are still collecting CVs and might reach out to candidates for screening interviews. Kumbaya BV is the developer of the Kumba a Solar-Powered Communications and IoT Hub, an innovation to help and equip people of marginalized populations with the knowledge and skills required to reduce poverty and drive sustainable development, by striving to build their human capital so they can compete for jobs in an increasingly globalized world.

GUI Qt/C++ Developer

Technical Co-Founder / Blockchain CTO

Mike Freni

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Mike Freni is able to quickly zero- in on the two or three variables that were relevant to their success. Assessing the Challenge, Finding the solution.


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