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Lisa Rich

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Founder@xplore-2 Founder@hemisphere Ventures Founder @BrainyQuote, Strategist, Speaker, Frontier Tech investor in synthetic biology, robotics, drones and space.

Nitin Agarwal

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Founder & CEO at Misk.com. I also invest in startups.

Darren Craft

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President @ Worth Risk Advisors

Sohail Prasad

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Founder, President at @equidate. @Y Combinator alum. Founding Partner @S2 Capital. Formerly at @Zynga PM, @Google, @Chartboost, @Cmu. Angel in 2 un& 99+ more

Andrew R. Karlin

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Investment banker at Mizuho Securities in New York and Social Investment Council Member at Echoing Green. Have served in many advisory roles for start-ups.

S2 Capital

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We're @y-combinator Alumni and the co-founders of @equidate . OVER $4.75 BILLION IN MKT VALUE.We have invested in @zenefits, @clearbit, @coin-2, @numerai, @nurx, @rappi, @navdy, @zenysis, @marble-1, @mux, @next-caller, @superhuman

Justin Kan

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Co-founder of Atrium LTS and @Whale. Founded @Exec and @Justin.tv. Partner at Y Combinator.

Richard Yarmey

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Lei Wang

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Twitter, Linkedin, Founder Qpou.com
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