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Arturo Hernández

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Books, blogs, apps, songs, startups. Tech aficionado. Director of Product at @Kueski. Founder Ludaby • Worked at @Intel // 🇲🇽🇺🇸🇫🇷

Joel Salazar

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Raquel Castañeda

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Strong passion for talent management and solid experience transforming Human Resources area in a real strategic partner to the business.
I’m not a recruiter, recruiter looks for candidates to cover positions. I am an career assessor looking for the best opportunity for you, focused in your life.

Victoria Alzaga

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Juan Manuel Sotelo

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Head of Product @Kueski • Founder @Credirama and @Bien.io • Worked at @Ooyala

Kueski Jobs

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Pau Torres

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Generalist with plenty of experience working as individual contributor, leader and managing dev teams. Good in Scalability, all AWS and Security.

Former team

Steven Stevanus

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Ismael Barragán López

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Gerardo Delgado González

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