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Senior Software Engineer (NLP, AI)

£35k – £60k • 0.0% – 1.0%
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Krzana finds news for journalists.

We run a Natural Language Understanding pipeline that processes most of the real-time news and social media content on the web.

We're looking for highly-motivated, full-stack developers.

We have a strong in-house training culture.

All of our developers are expected to have an exceptional aptitude for problem solving and a deep interest in programming and their own personal improvement.

Junior developers will probably have a mathematics, hard sciences or computer science degree from a leading university, but are not expected to have significant commercial software development experience.

Senior developers will have significant commercial software development experience, which will be underpinned by a strong understanding of, and instinct for, fundamental software principles.

Experience with our stack is a nice kickstart, but by no means required. We write in Python, optimise in Cython, display using Javascript (React, and React Native), store in Neo4j, redis and MySQL, and run on AWS (EC2 and RDS). You will be expected to learn new tools, frameworks and potentially languages on the job. Frequently.

The backbone of our company is our text processing pipeline, which is at the leading edge of NLP/NLU. We identify and disambiguate between tens of millions of entities and hundreds of thousands of events and concepts in both well- and poorly-written unstructured text, in multiple human languages, in real time.

Applied NLU is a combination of linguistics, machine learning, AI, implementing (and optimising) other people's research, doing original research, and pure software engineering. Some of the algorithms in use were conceived in the '70s, others were first dreamt up last year, some have beautiful commercial wrappers around them (like SpaCy) and others have never seen proper industrial-grade implementations before. The whole stack is constantly being made faster, and new processes are added in almost every sprint to improve our understanding of the content that we read and publish.

You will have the opportunity to work on this system, and an interest in understanding natural language will be vital.

Even for senior developers, experience in standard natural language processing tools is not required, but experience in non-standard or exceptional NLP approaches and techniques would be very well-received.
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Toby Abel

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Co-founded @Krzana Co-founded and sold @Befittd Co-founded @Beamery Founded @Gearhart Media Computer Science BsC from @University of Oxford

Quinton Murray

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Cofounder & CPO at Krzana • Founder Seed Jobs • Studied Psychology @Durham University

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