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Creating unique web design experience for you

Creating unique web design experience for you

We are a team of young, positive and open-minded people.
We are hard working, passionate about what we do and always interested in new web technologies.
We are also best friends and we know each other for so long, that we can read each other’s minds.

We combine functionalities and graphic elements together to create the best experience when
navigating through the website. Our creations are intuitive, the user will always know that
he will be taken to the area of the website which is exactly where he wants to be.
All our websites are carefully planned and designed keeping
the user experience as a priority at all times.

We always focus on creating positive relations with our clients and believe,
that those positive relations will always be the underlying
reason for us to strive for the best in what we do.

Sales Manager

Michał Chrapek

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Hi! In Kryptonum I deal with sales and management of company processes. Let's create something beautiful that will launch your company to a higher level.

Mateusz Harciarek

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Programmer realizing full-time and remote work

Kuba Chrapek

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Web development and cryptology professional, seeking for remote assignments to work with a team of like-minded experts.

Maciej Wiśniewski

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UI/UX Graphic Designer, Founder @Kryptonum