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Friday Night Lights meets Moneyball




Luis Mendoza

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A design director with 8 years of experience leading visual teams for agencies and startups. My goal is to implement design thinking within the organization.

Joshua Waller

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Worked at Krossover

James Polet

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Worked at Krossover. Experience with Customer Service, Inventory, Inside Sales. Went to Hope College

Matthew Caggiano

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Working at Krossover designing web and iOS products to be used by coaches, athletes, and recruiters across the globe. Product Design

Tanveer Chowdhury

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Product @Krossover. Founder @Forecast Project Tracking. Passionate about building products that enrich the lives of knowledge workers.

Thomas H Gray

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Director of Strategic Partnerships

Ian Frazier

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Began at Krossover as Account Executive promoted to Senior A.E, Inside Sales Manager, then Assistant Director of Sales. Started in sales with New York Mets.

Jake Magida

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BD & Partnerships @Krossovr Former NBA IT Intern Information Management & Technology, Marketing, Entrepreneurship triple degree from Syracuse University

Tommy Gray

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Dylan Rich

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Michael Botkin

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Eric P

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Joined Krossover 2013 after Series A. Built strategy, partnerships, sales. Successful 2017 exit. Next challenge! 17+ yrs sports/media/tech/strategy/sales exp.

Daniel Shirley

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Worked at Krossover, Shore Publishing. Experience with inside sales and sales training. Went to Ithaca College and captained the soccer team.

David Daudelin

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Software developer, entrepeneur, and independent filmmaker on the side

jeremy collyer

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Board members and advisors

Josh Linkner

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VC, tech entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, and keynote speaker on a mission to drive creativity, innovation, and reinvention.
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Former team

James Piette

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Cory Tjendrakasih

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Anthony Raia

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Randy Biz

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Fahad Quraishi

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