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Mario Chaves

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CEO of Avantica, a premier nearshore development services provider. Formerly Dir Eng at @Intuit, SPC and COO/VP Eng at @Cuica

Thomas Varghese

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Executive with entrepreneurial background and unique combination of business, product, marketing, sales and technical skills.

Matthew Greenfield

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I am on the boards of @BrightBytes and @Allovue and was co-founder of @Rethink Autism and board chair at @Engrade .

Bruce Leak

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Co-Founder of @WebTV; CEO and co-founder of @Carrier IQ

Konstantin Othmer

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Founder CEO @CloudCar; Founder CEO @Speechpad; Founder CEO @Core Mobility; Investment committee Seraph Group; Founder Partner @Passport Capital

Will Harvey

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Chairman at @IMVU