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Come, become a part of the Fintech revolution by joining the core team of Asia’s leading fintech platform. Get an opportunity to enable financial inclusion for millions in this part of the world.

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Software Engineer

Kristal.AI - Architect

Posted 10 months ago


Designation: Architect
Location : Bangalore
Experience : 7-10yrs in Platform Architecture, Backend development

Kristal.AI is looking for superstar Architect to architect new solutions grounds up as well as build extensions to our AI based Wealth Management solution.

Software Engineer

Kristal.AI-Lead Backend Developer

Posted 10 months ago

Lead Backend Developer

Designation: Lead Backend Developer
Location : Bangalore
Experience : 4-7yrs in Backend development

Kristal.AI is looking for superstar Backend Developer to scale our AI based Wealth Management solution to millions of users.

Software Engineer

Kristal.AI - Senior Developer

Posted 9 months ago

Designation: Senior Developer
Location : Bangalore
Experience : 2 to 6 yrs of experience in Python programming / Machine Learning

Kristal.AI is looking for a superstar Python programmer to build next generation experiences in our AI-based Wealth Management solution.