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AI powered online asset management platform

AI powered online asset management platform

Kristal.AI is a digital wealth management platform powered by AI-powered advisory that gives customized & unbiased advise and enables investors access to low cost, transparent, and high performing portfolios. The platform provides a marketplace of "Kristals" in which investors invest. Each of these are curated by our in-house financial experts with 100+ years of experience and by following the Ivy-league criteria. Our AI-driven advisory provides our clients with the best investments, by considering their risk profile, investment experience and objectives combined with the Investment Committee’s views of the market. This ensures our clients receive 100% unbiased advice. Upon selection, their portfolios are actively managed in their own brokerage accounts. Currently, we integrate with leading brokers like Interactive Brokers, Saxo Capital Markets, etc. Our clients can follow their investments and see how their portfolio is performing real-time, just by opening the Kristal.AI app.

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