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Reinventing interface in factories through voice

Junior Marketing & communication (StationF, Paris)

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🔥 What we believe in (read why we fight)

We’ve all felt overwhelmed by social distress all over the world. We don’t have the answer, but we strongly believe that part of the solution lies in a strong grounded economy. Grounded as in concrete, humane, down-to-earth, humble. Grounded as in manufacturing-oriented, where craftsmen and machine co-habitate and interact. Grounded as in proud, where the work of one’s hand feeds self-confidence and social respect. Grounded as in united, where urban centers and rural areas are balanced and provide equal inner-growth opportunities.

The good news is that we are experiencing a unique momentum for our industry: new jobs are being created, groups relocate in developed countries and European governments organise national events in their most iconic historical buildings to celebrate the renewal of Industry 4.0 ☀️. After all, we are living in the fantastic world of: edge computing, co-bots, predictive maintenance, process mining, 3D-printing, industrial IoT and other buzzwords politics invent to attract young people to factories again!

Yet, running huge industrial facilities is terribly complex, even more so with the current pressure to optimise for cost and productivity. As more and more qualified jobs appeared on the factory floor, it appears that stakes are not only to reinvent the factory stack, but also putting back the employee productivity at the heart of Industry 4.0.

For all those reasons, we’ve decided to bring our contribution to the renewal of this too-often forgotten economy.

💙 Why we should love each other

We want to build a strong community that reflects how we see the future of territories. And we have five adjectives that we strive to put at the center of our day-to-day interactions and choices.

Grounded — We like honest relationships, we strive for humility, we don’t keep hardships unspoken, we value concreteness, we listen to our clients day-to-day needs and we stay product-first. Radical — We really believe that we can make a difference and we will fight hard for it! We are building an ambitious global company and see our product scale as a way to conduct a cultural shift in manufacturing. Peaceful — We want to make sure everyone has the space to grow, isn’t overwhelmed with stress, and feels great coming at work. We also adopt the best practices from field performance management that any manager 4.0 would implement in a factory, to ensure alignment and bottom-up processes. Dedicated — We strive to be humane, solution-oriented and we care about our users. We want to become a better person every day, with the strong conviction that every human is equally important. Familial — We all need roots to build-up from; once you’re in, you’re part of the family forever, you can trust us and we would be happy if you decide to take our values outside the company when the moment comes 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👦.

🌟 Mission

You will work alongside the co-founders to manage marketing & communication. The objective is for you to onboard at least 2 people in your direct team by mid-20. We believe empowering is key to build successful teams and the candidate also needs to project themselves as a key manager in one year from now. Your missions include:

- Marketing & communication strategy : defining alongside co-founders the marketing&com' strategy for Kraaft

- marketing&com' structuration : hiring of your team by early-20, choice of softwares and KPIs used at each step of the funnel

- Content : Edit good quality content to create thought leadership in Tech Industry 4.0

- Events, PR & branding : Make sure Kraaft has a good public image and visibility, represent the company in public events

- Digital marketing : funnel design and conversion optimisation

Kraaft.co at a glance

Reinventing interface in factories through voice

Kraaft.co focuses on Manufacturing, Natural Language Processing, and Technology. Their company has offices in Paris. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.kraaft.co/

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