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Kpler brings data intelligence to the energy markets




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Pierre Pater

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Worked at Kpler. Experience with Product Management (data sourcing & structuring, satellite imagery processing...) in Energy Markets.

Ophélie Pellerin

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david felkai

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Business Developer and B2B Sales professional with a passion for generating growth and developing deal flow.

François Paupier

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Data Scientist. MS in Statistics from Ecole Centrale de Nantes

Clément Brat

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Reid I'Anson

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University Masters in Applied Economics, provide analytics that improve a firm's decision-making, work at a small consulting firm


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Back-end Team Lead at Kpler

Sophie Barlet

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Studies: Masters in Engineering, Double Degree Machine Learning

Ilya Niklyaev

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Graduate of CEMS MIM program with work experience in data analytics and client-facing roles within commodities and e-commerce sectors.

Shan Dupont

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Polyvalent analyst and geeky salesman, working across tech and energy sectors.

Quentin Leffray

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Epitech graduate, Full-stack software engineer, and very fast learner.
Co-founder & CTO @ Kpler (https://t.co/hkuHEDkMWl ). We provide SaaS transparency platforms for energy & commodities markets.

Laurine Pohl

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Former team

Maëva Pierre

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Ayushi Ghosh

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Xavier Bruhiere

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Laurine Pohl

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Yuliya Nikolova

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