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Kpler brings data intelligence to the energy markets

Kpler brings data intelligence to the energy markets

Kpler offers a SaaS portal powered by algorithms processing radar & satellite feeds, governmental databases and shipping registries coupled with market analysts insights. Our proprietary technology gives our users (traders, oil
& gas companies, hedge funds) a complete and accurate picture of what is happening in the commodity markets by giving them visibility to on how much volume of a given commodity is being shipped across the globe and by whom in real-time.

The commodities we track include: LNG/LPN (ex: natural gas, propane, propylene, butane, etc), Crude Oil, Refined Products (ex: Gasoline, Kerosene, etc) and Dry Bulks (Iron Ore, Coal, Grains, etc)


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Pierre Pater

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Worked at Kpler. Experience with Product Management (data sourcing & structuring, satellite imagery processing...) in Energy Markets.

Ophélie Pellerin

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Data Entry Specialist (Fixed-Term)

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