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World's best childcare service

World's best childcare service

Koru Kids (korukids.co.uk) is on a mission to improve childcare in London. It's desperately needed. Did you know that most families with children spend as much on childcare as they do on their mortgage? Or that the average cost of a nanny in Central London is £37,000? Did you know that nurseries aren't much cheaper than that, if you have two children? Did you know that many nurseries shut for summer holidays, and that if your child is sick they can't go for the next 48 hrs? If you're a parent, you probably knew all of that and more.

Koru Kids will solve these problems, starting with nanny share. We have 1500 families on our platform, and recently concluded a 3x oversubscribed funding round.

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CEO & Founder, Koru Kids - transforming childcare in London. YGL, Rhodes Scholar, ex McKinsey, former CEO of world's largest online doctor service
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