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KoreConX is an all-in-one platform

KoreConX is an all-in-one platform

KoreConX eliminates organizational problems because it is built upon the philosophy that corporate information, financial documents and company knowledge can be more efficiently contributed, managed and distributed to all parties involved with corporate financial matters. KoreConX combines the ability to manage corporate and financial records, deal room and transaction support, board management activities, stakeholder reporting and a communications platform in a single, easy-to-use interface that expedites deal preparations, decision making and investment management. All aspects are managed in a secure, auditable yet accessible platform that provides oversight and control to ensure all fiduciary responsibilities are completed and compliant. Whether it’s raising equity/debt capital, running board meetings or trying to streamline shareholder communications, KoreConX’s all-in-one platform provides security, efficiency and success.

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World's first permissioned blockchain ecosystem fully-compliant issuance trading, clearing settlement corporate actions, custodianship for tokenized securities.